Andy Mann


A man of many passions, Andy has spent the last 12 years of his life finding a way to live all his dreams out at once. As a full time professional photographer and filmmaker, he also finds time to write and perform live acoustic music across Colorado, travel the world developing and climbing routes of all styles - (Big Wall, Sport, Trad, and Bouldering), satisfy his obsessive fly fishing habit, & pursuing other interests that he says, "fills the down time." Currently living in a cabin at the mouth of Eldorado Canyon in Colorado, Andy finds most of his needs for adventure 100 yards from his front door. Needless to say, Andy pounds our gear as hard as he possibly can & relishes any new opportunities to do so further.

Andy's pursuit for a career in adventure media began in 2005, when he first started assisting fellow team shooter, Keith Ladzinski, and learning the finer points of the medium throughout 2006 on a two month stint in Rocklands, South Africa, where he also helped direct his first climbing film with team climber, Fred Nicole. Since then, Andy has worked on or produced 5 other major feature films, over two dozen short films, and grown substantially as an editorial and commercial photographer. Working as Senior Contributing Photographer for Climbing and Urban Climber Magazines from 2009-2011, he has shot over 2 dozen feature articles on the sport, and locked in the most cover shots in UC Mag's history.

Andy presented his work at the 2010 Squamish Mountain Fest and continues to present slideshows across America, and work closely with nearly every member of the Arc'teryx climbing team. This, his third year on the Arc'teryx team, finds Andy busier than ever before with his passions - spending over 300 days in the field shooting and filming the cutting edge of adventure. To track Andy and his evolving works, please visit his 6 year running blog at (, his website (, or follow him on Twitter (@3StringsMedia).

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