Marc Piche


Marc's passion for climbing, skiing, mountain biking and photography combined with his profession as a mountain guide give him ample excuses to spend a lot of time exploring the mountains of the world. As a resident of Canmore, Alberta since 1991, Marc has spent a great deal of time exploring the Rockies but work and recreation have him travelling the world for several months per year. Thankfully, his wife Lilla, also a mountain guide, and daughter Ella are often at his side.

Marc is an internationally certified IFMGA Mountain and is currently the Technical Director of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. In this role, Marc works extensively in the Canadian Mountain and Ski Guide Program at Thompson River University as an instructor and examiner. This role also carries over to working in the Industry Training Program with the Canadian Avalanche Association as well with the Russian Mountain Guides Association in an effort to help them meet the high standards required for membership in the IFMGA.

His interest in learning about how mountain professionals manage risk has led him to present twice at the International Snow Science Workshop and most recently assume the role of president of the Technical Sub-Committee on Risk Management for the IFMGA.

The Bugaboos have long been Marc's favorite alpine area and this led him to co-author the award winning guidebook – The Bugaboos with Chris Atkinson in 2003. He is currently co-authoring The Canadian Alpine Classics, which will highlight a number of Canada's amazing alpine routes. Marc's love for the Bugs led him to co-found the Friends of Bugaboo Park of which he is presently the president.

An avid tinkerer, Marc has enjoyed working with Arcteryx designers over the last several years. Projects included their first specific heli-ski guide uniform and specialized packs for heli-skiing guests.

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