Brette Harrington


Rock Climber/ Alpinist

There is nothing better than inspiration. My most magnificent memories are those in which I’ve found purpose, drive, motivation and challenge. When you’re inspired by a climb these elements come together on the present plane of mind and body, the now. Climbing is always progressing, always evolving, always meeting you at your exact challenge level. It inspires me, makes me a healthier person and drives me to become better.

I grew up on the shores of lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. My childhood was full of activity - ski racing, water skiing, running, hiking, soccer etc. I found my love for climbing at a very young age but had no source of knowledge beyond the aspen trees of my parents yard, and the boulders along the shoreline. In 2008 I moved to New Hampshire to attend boarding school where I joined the school climbing team, opening the doors to the world of climbing.

I moved to Granada, Spain at age 19 where I lived for a year before moving to Vancouver for University. Throughout University I focused my free time on developing trad climbing skills on the muiltiptich faces of the Squamish Chief. The exposure and tecnicalities of Squamish’s unique rock inspired me to make ascents of classic traditional lines such as The Shadow, 13a, and Edge of Pan, 13b R. I also have done various first ascents across BC, Patagonia, and California.

I also love the freedom of scrambling in the mountains which has led me to free solos such as Saint-Exupéry’s Chiaro Di Luna, 11a, 750m in Patagonia or Slesse Mountain’s 25 pitch North Rib, 5.9, 1,000 m.

Other noteworthy climbs:

  • The Muir Wall via The Shaft 13c VI (Free*) El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, CA
  • The Grand Illusion, 13c, Sugarloaf California
  • The Optimator 13b, Indian Creek, UT
  • Solar Flare, 12d, 9 pithes, onsight, Incredible Hulk, CA
  • Vanguardia, 12c, First Ascent, Squamish BC
  • Straight No Chaser, 5.11 A1 TD+, First Ascent, Direct South Ridge of Serra 2, Waddington Range

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