Jin Hui Da Dao, Bai Yun Keng, Dan Shui, Hui Yang, Hui Zhou, Guang Dong, China

Jin Hui Da Dao, Bai Yun Keng, Dan Shui, Hui Yang, Hui Zhou, Guang Dong, China

Huizhou Charming, in the Guangdong province of China is one of our key partners in manufacturing our most complicated designs. The hallmark of this facility is quality. Over nearly 15 years of partnership, Charming has flawlessly delivered some of the most technically difficult products Arc’teryx offers, like the Macai and Beta LT jackets.

Charming upholds a highly professional attitude and approach, which meets the meticulous standards at Arc’teryx. The team is proactive and willing to try new things, expand and improve. Working with Arc’teryx gives them the opportunity to evolve, while providing Arc’teryx with a partner can be trusted to execute some of our most challenging innovations.

A willingness to train employees and adapt facilities made Charming an ideal candidate for formal training in our GORE-TEX construction methods. After five years of mastering the technicalities in our Gamma and Covert products, the staff moved on to intricate GORE-TEX designs.

With patience and effort, Charming learned to construct GORE-TEX apparel to Arc’teryx’s rigorous specifications. Since then, propelled by pride in excellence, Charming has set the standard for consistent quality.

Charming and Arc’teryx have grown, learned and achieved success together. The outstanding technical skill of the employees combined with our mutual culture of problem-solving make this longstanding partnership one of our strongest.