Thibaud Duchosal


Thibaud Duchosal is a freerider in the truest sense. Raised in Les Arcs, France, like all kids in the valley he started skiing slalom and racing very young and as an adolescent, turned to freeride and exploring the exceptional terrain that was his backyard. As did his mentors, Enak Gavaggio and the Troubat brothers, Thibaud turned his passion into his profession.

Beginning with photo shoots in Scotland and Uzbekistan, the skier discovered travel and a love of other cultures. He joined film production companies Invert Prod and Garchois Films, and the competitive circuit. 2009 was his best year, finishing 6th overall in the World Tour, but an ACL injury sidelined him late in 2010.

After a summer of rehabilitation and a firm belief that people are defined by the obstacles they overcome, he is back for another year of endless winter, pursuing light and unexpected environments with photographers. Look for him in Argentina, Russia, US and France, or portfolio pages in ski magazines and a new series of videos, Eye of the Storm.