Katy Whittaker


Current Residence: Llanderis, North Wales


Katy is probably best know for her hard grit stone ascents at home in the Peak District, UK. Having grown up climbing with her parents and brother there it was natural that this is where she has done most of her climbing, from bold headpoints & highballs to technical slab climbing.

Her proudest moments being headpoints of Gaia & Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (E8 6c) and ground up ascents of highballs Toy Boy (7C+) and The Angel’s Share (7C).

Having climbed from a young age Katy has a wide breadth of climbing experience including competing nationally and internationally for around 10 years and winning national champs. However, it is spending time in the mountains, on the sea cliffs, road trips round Europe and generally climbing outdoors that is where her passion lies.

Having taken a break from trad climbing for the past few years she dedicated some time to sport climbing and managed her hardest ascents to date, Mecca the Mid-life Crisis (UK) & China Crisis (Spain) both 8b+.

Now living in North Wales and enjoying the beautiful mountains and lakes after recovering from a persistent back injury, her focus is to work some weaknesses by going bouldering for the next year. Katy’s favourite place to be is in the van, enjoying the simple life and exploring crags around the UK and on the continent with her boyfriend, Alex.

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