Plot No.11-16, Sector No.2, CEPZ, Chittagong, Bangladesh 4223

Plot No.11-16, Sector No.2, CEPZ, Chittagong, Bangladesh 4223

Youngone is one of our key partnerships, with two facilities producing our outdoor products, including knitwear and synthetic insulation jackets.

Our relationship with Youngone centres on the dynamic and visionary chairman, Mr. Sung who has grown his company from a small player to an industry leader over the last four decades with over 80,000 employees globally.  He has progressed the skill set of his staff to be highly sought after in the outdoor industry.

Youngone and Arc’teryx have a unique and special relationship. Youngone’s size, competent workforce and vertical structure give them the ability to meet our growing needs. The Youngone Group has a highly experienced leadership team that manage their facilities holistically, ensuring the right expertise is in the right places to serve their customers, including being responsive when we present new design challenges.

Originally tasked with making insulated jackets, the Youngone facilities in Chittagong, Bangladesh (formerly Lalmai now CEPZ) soon put their large capacity and expertise with technical outerwear into helping us launch our sportswear lines and making the lifestyle collection one of the fastest-growing areas of Arc’teryx.

Discipline has been key to maintain Arc’teryx quality standards. The employees have learned to approach each Arc’teryx garment with a stringent set of habits, such as maintaining our higher stitch count to ensure durability and following corner seams meticulously in order to preserve the Arc’teryx fit.

The Youngone Group has taken steps towards environmental sustainability, including the rehabilitation of 2,500 acres of land in Bangladesh, by planting over two million trees and contributed to water conservation efforts for the local ecosystem. These efforts have reduced flooding in neighbouring villages and provided habitat for wildlife returning to the area.

The appetite from the Youngone Group for continual learning has led to an expansion of the categories of products it makes for Arc’teryx. The Bangladesh team is committed to growing this important relationship.