18 Yanhuang Road, Lianshui, Huai An, Jiangsu, China

18 Yanhuang Road, Lianshui, Huai An, Jiangsu, China

The ZK Group (ZKG), an established Hong Kong-based company with a reputation for excellence is one of our longest standing and most important partners. ZKG’s strength is doing it all and doing it well. Although we first turned to this family-owned company for its expertise with down when we were launching our down line in 2013, ZKG’s talented, multi-skilled workforce now produce a wide range of Arc’teryx products, from knit and down to GORE-TEX products and pieces in Veilance.

The ZKG facilities have the right technical capacity and the best equipment to suit our specific needs. ZKG is a down specialist with a long history of making high quality products. It is also an established GORE-TEX test facility, with a strong pre-existing relationship with W. L. Gore & Associates.

What makes the company particularly special to Arc’teryx are its people and culture. The family that owns and operates ZKG, now in its third generation of managing the company is a joy to partner with. They are pioneering, responsive, and willing to grow and invest with us. The family members and other leaders actively listen, present solutions and think ahead – they are helping us manage our current period of strong growth by developing new facilities to meet our capacity needs.

The experienced and highly proficient employees at ZKG’s ZPlus facility in Jiangsu Province of China have been instrumental in bringing Arc’teryx down designs to reality. Our determination to make down apparel with the highest possible warmth-to-weight ratio creates technical demands few workforces can achieve. They must handle and sew delicate, lightweight fabrics without creating punctures. They craft a jacket with as few seams as possible, while following curves in the material with absolute precision to maintain the superior Arc’teryx fit. They combine their expertise with down and GORE-TEX in making products like the Patera Parka. The employees at ZPlus meet these requirements with exemplary skill.

Over years of training, they have become what is surely one of the most technically skilled group of apparel makers anywhere. Their high level of competence shines in the production of Arc’teryx GORE-TEX products, like the Beta AR Jacket, which they began within two years of starting their training––something of a record for mastering a difficult set of techniques. They take great pride in their skill, and the staff at ZPlus are sharing their expertise with their sister facilities in Myanmar and Vietnam.

ZKG’s attention to detail and understanding of Arc’teryx quality standards, along with responsive leadership, share significant credit in our success and growth.