Hoa Xa Industrial Park, Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam

Hoa Xa Industrial Park, Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam

Youngone is one of our key partnerships, with two of their facilities producing our outdoor products, including knitwear and synthetic insulation jackets.

Youngone Nam Dinh is located on a large campus south of Hanoi, Vietnam. As a Fair Trade CertifiedTM facility since 2018, Youngone Nam Dinh is an excellent partner for us to launch our Fair Trade commitment with, as we can immediately begin contributing to the premium fund that workers manage and use to directly improve their livelihoods.  By the end of 2021, 50 models produced here will be the first Fair Trade Certified pieces from Arc'teryxOur goal is for 80% of our products to be Fair Trade Certified by 2025.

We’re grateful for the leadership of Youngone, and its visionary chairman Mr. Sung, who has, over four decades, grown his small company into an industry leader with over 80,000 employees globally. His commitment to continually progress the skillset of his staff has made Youngone a highly sought-after manufacturing partner in the outdoor industry. An established knit specialist, Youngone Nam Dinh were a natural fit for us when we needed a highly skilled workforce to produce technical base layers and high output activity products such as our Motus shirts.

Arc’teryx primarily utilizes Youngone Nam Dinh’s core competencies of sewing and product construction, however the campus also includes a knitting mill and print facilities.  A portion of our wool, which is responsibly sourced through ZQ Merino is made into fabric onsite and then brought to the garment manufacturing facility where it is sewn into a finished product. This allows us to maintain strict quality standards as well as reduce our carbon footprint. 

The Youngone Group and Arc’teryx have a unique and special relationship. The Youngone Group’s size, competent workforce and vertical structure give them the ability to meet our growing needs. The appetite from Youngone for continual learning has led to the expansion of the categories of products it makes for Arc’teryx. The Youngone Group has a highly experienced leadership team that manage their facilities holistically, ensuring the right expertise is in the right places to serve their customers' needs, including being responsive when we present new design challenges.