An Tinh Hamlet, Yen Binh Commune, Y Yen District, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam

An Tinh Hamlet, Yen Binh Commune, Y Yen District, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam

Charming Enterprises is one of our strongest and longest-standing partners. Charming upholds a highly professional attitude which which meets the rigorous standards at Arc’teryx. The team is proactive and willing to try new things, expand and improve. Working with Arc’teryx gives them the opportunity to evolve, while providing Arc’teryx with a partner that can be trusted to execute some of our most challenging innovations with integrity and pride.

In 2016, Charming opened their Santa Clara facility located in the Nam Dinh province of Vietnam. This facility helps them increase production capacity for core partners like Arc’teryx and take advantage of Vietnam’s status as a rapidly growing manufacturing hub. Every consideration was taken to make Charming Santa Clara a model facility. Located on nearly four acres of farmland away from urban areas, the modern buildings are surrounded by green, wide-open space and have a warm feel.

The employees at Charming Santa Clara are on track to equal the technical proficiency of the staff at their Huizhou China facility, which has been one of key partners in manufacturing our most complicated designs for 15 years.

The Santa Clara employees started training to produce Arc’teryx apparel in 2018, beginning with Covert and Solano jackets before moving on to the A2B Comp Jacket, a refined commuting jacket requiring multiple techniques to craft. The team is now progressing to GORE-TEX products, with items expected to be produced for the Fall 2020 season.

Charming Santa Clara continues to become an increasingly valuable part of the Arc’teryx family. With their commitment to quality, consistency and professionalism, we have confidence that this facility will join Charming Huizhou as a partner that is central to Arc’teryx’s success.