No.1, Street No.2A, VSIP Quang Ngai, Tinh Phong Commune, Son Tinh Dist., Quang Ngai, Vietnam

No.1, Street No.2A, VSIP Quang Ngai, Tinh Phong Commune, Son Tinh Dist., Quang Ngai, Vietnam

The ZK Group (ZKG), an established Hong Kong-based company with a reputation for excellence is one of our longest standing and most important partners. ZKG’s strength is doing it all and doing it well. Although we first turned to this family-owned company for its expertise with down when we were launching our down line in 2013, ZKG’s talented, multi-skilled workforce now produce a wide range of Arc’teryx products, from knit and down to GORE-TEX products and pieces in Veilance.

The ZKG facilities have the right technical capacity and the best equipment to suit our specific needs. ZKG is a down specialist with a long history of making high quality products. It is also an established GORE-TEX test facility, with a strong pre-existing relationship with W. L. Gore & Associates.

What makes the company particularly special to Arc’teryx are its people and culture. The family that owns and operates ZKG, now in its third generation of managing the company is a joy to partner with. They are pioneering, responsive, and willing to grow and invest with us. The family members and other leaders actively listen, present solutions and think ahead – they are helping us manage our current period of strong growth by developing new facilities to meet our capacity needs.

ZKG Mensa, the company’s newest facility is located in northern Vietnam and upon completion will be the largest with nearly 5,000 employees. Their confidence and attentiveness to a loyal and growing customer base led ZKG to expand to Vietnam, a stable and growing manufacturing global hub. With phase one recently completed, the facility currently employs 1,000 people who are being trained by experienced staff at their sister facility, ZPlus.

Like their other facilities, the plan for ZKG Mensa is to have the expertise and capacity to be multi-skilled and multi-category for crafting Arc’teryx products. The facility will begin producing our technical down jackets in 2020.