Remy Lecluse

Remy met each day in the mountains like it was his first - with wonderment and appreciation. He loved sharing the mountains with others and was the literal definition of a guide - going out of his way to give his guests, friends and acquaintances an extraordinary experience regardless of whether they had on thousand dollar boots or cheap shoes waterproofed by plastic bags. Remy had an old school approach to finding new lines - climb first, seek, search, and then ski. He was a true rover and a ski alpinist. What he saw and interpreted while in the mountains revealed potentials other would not see. He respected and sought to learn about the cultures of each area he traveled to. Remy had an earnest upbeat outlook on life, always finding joy.


  • Five first descents on 6000m peaks in Himalayas, India & Nepal
  • Four first descents in Cordillera de Vilcanota, Peru 
  • 63 + first descents worldwide
  • Over 20 years guiding experience worldwide