Block II, 2nd Avenue BEZ Mariveles, 2106 Bataan Philippines

Block II, 2nd Avenue BEZ Mariveles, 2106 Bataan Philippines

When we wanted to start making our pinnacle trekking packs, it only made sense to turn to Dong In, an established leader in making high quality technical outdoor backpacks.

Utilizing the vertical supply chain of Dong In, we partnered with their Mountaineering Instruments facility located in the Philippines, which uses multiple operations to support production processes on the same site, including anodizing and injection molding. Dong In is able to make many elements of our technical backpacks, from aluminum stays to molded plastic parts in our exact specifications. Creating these components in one place not only expedites the production of our packs, it also helps us control the quality and reduce our carbon footprint.

The heart of our relationship is the willingness of Dong In’s leaders to take on the challenge of our most complex pack designs. Arc’teryx technologies like the RotoGlide™ hipbelt have required the highly skilled Dong In employees to master the challenging techniques of gluing, heating, and taping.  Learning to tape and press our custom materials in the difficult shapes of our pack designs required months of practice to gain proficiency. In the end, the employees have become highly capable and consistent craftspeople.

The Dong In team have continually risen to the challenge of working with Arc’teryx designs. They have adapted their process to us, invested in equipment and training, dedicated a group of employees exclusively to us and persevered as those employees took the necessary time to develop their technical skills.

We rely on and value the employees at this facility, with their advanced technical skills, as well as Dong In’s adaptable, committed owners. With technical packs remaining an area of growth and innovation for Arc’teryx,  Dong In continues to be an important partner.