Designed For The Long Run

Our long term thinking on sustainability through the lens of product philosophy, responsible manufacturing, and community engagement.

Our long term thinking on sustainability through the lens of product philosophy, responsible manufacturing, and community engagement.

Durability and performance: from the beginning, Arc'teryx products have been guided by these two principles. As the rise of fast fashion increases the apparel industry’s social and environmental impacts, we continue striving to build durable gear that performs season after season.

In addition to this obsessive focus on products that last, we also look at how our business affects the environment and our communities. As a collective of people who have chosen the outdoors as a way of life, environmental and social responsibility have long been close to our hearts. Effectively addressing these issues in our daily operations poses both a challenge and opportunity to meaningfully innovate.

From the materials we choose, to where we build our products and the repair services we offer - all present opportunities to decide where we stand and to continually design better approaches. While we’d like to have perfect solutions, in many cases we are not there yet but we’re committed to the journey ahead. Our motivation is to design and build not only product, but also a company, that endures and performs over the long run.

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Our product philosophy is the foundation of our approach to sustainability. We believe that building products to last is the most powerful lever for minimizing our impact.

We maximize performance and durability in a number of ways, including building products that perform for their intended use, and selecting proven materials that endure and wear well over time. Our timeless aesthetic remains contemporary, and we stand behind our lifetime care, repair and product guarantee.


Arc'teryx has been intimately connected to manufacturing since our beginning. For many years our office and design floor was located inside our factory. Today we continue to expand our operations at our Vancouver manufacturing facility, ARC'One. This deep connection to manufacturing forms the basis of our approach to sustainability in our global supply chain.

While Canadian production represents the foundation of our manufacturing knowledge, today our production is truly global. The volume of technical products we build far outstrips available production capacity in our region. Canada lacks the number of skilled technical apparel workers required to produce at our scale.

To build product at the quality and volume we need, we partner with the highest performance technical apparel factories in 9 countries. We stand behind every product we make, regardless of where it is built. An Arc'teryx label means that product meets quality standards and embodies the same values of durability and performance.


We believe that our business can be a force for positive change. It can occur not only by improving the practices in our core operations, but also by supporting partners and projects that are aligned with our values.

Our employees lead our community efforts. We listen to their interests and study how we can make difference as a business. The result is the IMBY (In My Back Yard) program, which we use to support our local communities.