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How much time have you spent in nature today? This month?
As we journey to find Outer Peace, we will be joined by prominent voices, from scientists to athletes who will guide us into a deeper understanding of nature’s restorative benefits and the opportunities we have to ensure the outside is accessible for all.
“Scientific studies point in one direction: nature is not only nice to have; it is a must have for physical health and cognitive function.“
- Richard Louv,
author of Last Child in the Woods
How different would the world be if everyone had access to nature?
Access to nature is a human right.
We believe the path towards a better self begins in nature – outside of our doors and ourselves. Beginning in January 2021, join us as we explore the transformative and healing power of nature.
“The science very strongly supports the notion that our nervous systems calm down when we're in a natural setting. Our respiration slows, our heart rate slows down, our stress hormones change.“
- Florence Williams,
author of The Nature Fix
How connected do you feel to nature? To people around you?
In nature we become to understand that we are not living in a human-centric world.
It’s hard to be attentive to analog beauty when we spend nine hours a day on screens and look at our phones hundreds of times a day. It’s also hard to find the day-dreamy, generative creativity that comes from being happily spaced out in nature.
“One thing so powerful about nature is that it has the ability to build bridges and to bring us together. It makes us feel like we are part of the same world.“
- Florence Williams,
author of The Nature Fix
The path towards a better self begins in nature.
Learn more about the positive power of nature.
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