Guy Lacelle

Guy lived life the right way. His sense of responsibility, accountability, and justice far outweighed his ice climbing skills, which were second to none. He grew up in a family who based merit on integrity, possibly this is why he was such a competent climber. Guy’s passion was climbing, his job was tree planting. He was revered in both worlds, but never once saw climbing as heroic. Heroes to him were the people who took care of those in need - earth, people and creatures. His best climbing partner, Sam, had four legs. In fact, many of his climbing partners did. Guy was self-contained, but he also loved being part of the human experience relishing in the outdoors with others. Although he would dismiss being called a hero, he inspires us all. His spirit, pure and free and can be conjured by anyone and that is the way Guy would have wanted it.


  • Summit of Excellence Award, Banff Centre for Mountain Culture, 1999
  • First solo link of the Terminator V,150m, WI6 +/Sea of Vapors 165m, V, WI7+  and the Replicant 145 m, V, WI6+in five hours, Canadian Rockies
  • Solo Weeping Pillar 170 m, V, WI6 and Polar Circus 700 m, V, WI5 in a day, Candian Rockies 
  • Solo French Maid 100 m, IV, WI6, Curtain Call 125m, IV, WI6, La Pomme D’or in Quebec 350m, WI5, (all in Canada) and Hydnefossen, Norway
  • First place Festiglace Competition in Quebec in 2004, first place in Pure Ice Competition in Ouray, 2000 and 2001