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ARC' Naming Scheme

  • alpha Alpha: Climbing and alpinism focused pieces: harness compatible length and waistline; chest pockets accessible while wearing a pack or harness; maximum articulation for overhead motions; helmet compatible hoods; drop hem; highest possible durability-to-weight ratio; emphasis on lightweight materials.
  • beta Beta: All around mountain use garments: moderate length; hand pockets; interior pockets; moderate articulation; room for layers; helmet compatible hoods; drop hem
  • theta Theta: All around mountain use garments: longest length; chest pockets; interior pockets; moderate – expedition articulation and room for layers; helmet compatible hoods; drop hem
  • gamma Gamma Softshells: Highly breathable textiles with stretch and differing degrees of thermal efficiency that can be worn as water-resistant outer layers. High degree of abrasion resistance.
  • delta Delta: Air permeable mid layer fleece garments with differing degrees of thermal efficiency
  • epsilon Epsilon: Air permeable mid layer fleece with a hard faced smooth outer surface made with hydrophobic Bonded Poly Micro-Grid Fleece
  • venta Venta Softshells: Windproof, breathable softshells in differing degrees of thermal efficiency, with less stretch than Gamma series. Highly water-resistant.
  • fission Fission: Insulated, windproof, waterproof outer layers
  • kappa Kappa: Insulated, windproof, water-resistant outer layers
  • atom Atom: Insulated mid layers made with hydrophobic synthetic material that resists absorbing moisture. Outer fabric has a water-repellent finish.
  • hyllus Hyllus: Air permeable mid layer fleece with a hard faced smooth outer surface for durability and a high loft interior
  • acto Acto: Highly breathable, air permeable mid layer with a hard faced smooth outer surface and grid loft interior that has light thermal efficiency
  • covert Covert: Mid-weight, mid layer fleece that resembles wool knit
  • Rho Rho: Thermally efficient moisture wicking base layer
  • phase Phase: Moisture wicking base layer for interval activities
  • phase LTW: MAPP Merino Wool layers that transfer moisture away from the body

Many of our product names include a category modifier. These modifiers aid in defining each product's features and intended use.

Apparel Naming Scheme



Employs the most durable materials for prolonged use and provides the most weather protection in the harshest weather conditions.


Provides high performance & weather protection and highlights a range of features to give All Round versatility in multiple activities.


Designed for mixed usage in changing weather conditions and diverse activities by providing high durability, breathability and mobility.


Built with highly durable top performance materials but designed with a streamlined minimalist set of features to provide very light weight.


Uses the lightest weight materials available to provide high weather protection, performance and/or packability, but with limited durability.


Winter ski touring focused design with generous articulation, extra room for layering, plus larger pant leg opening to fit over snowsports boots.


Minimalist garments designed to be very light with high performance, for traveling fast and light in variable weather conditions.

Harness Naming Scheme

  • Super Light

    Super Light

  • Fast and Light

    Fast and Light

  • All Round

    All Round

  • big wall

    Big Wall

  • ice climbing

    Ice Climbing

  • mixed climbing

    Mixed Climbing

  • rock climbing

    Rock Climbing

  • sport climbing

    Sport Climbing

  • adjustable leg loops

    Adjustable Leg Loops

For example: R-350a denotes Rock climbing/350grams/adjustable leg loops

The number denotes harness weight in grams (Medium).