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Choose Your Mid Layer


Nothing beats down for premium lightweight warmth. For backcountry and alpine use, down delivers the highest warmth to weight ratio and compresses easily into a very small volume for highly efficient packing. Potential downside: less breathable, cold when wet.

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Coreloft™ is made of synthetic fibres in mixed sizes that are crimped to trap air and retain warmth. Durable, resilient and lightweight, Coreloft™ dries quickly, retains warmth when wet and is easy care. These pieces are wind resistant. Potential downside: less breathable, no stretch.

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Hardfleece is primarily a fleece, but with a smooth outer surface that inherently resists snags and tears, making it exceptionally hard wearing. Remarkable for their breathability, these pieces are great as an outer layer in mixed conditions or during times of sustained high aerobic output. Potential downside: less wind resistance than fill insulation

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Fleece has excellent air permeability and moisture management. The textured surface gives it a sweater-like appearance, with a lofted interior surface that is very comfortable against the skin. Work best under a protective shell. Potential downside: least stand-alone weather protection

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