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GORE-TEX® Hardshells

Arc'teryx places great importance on the integrity of our waterproof/breathable fabrics. High performance fabrics require time to develop. We don't rely on laboratory results – we do our own research, field testing textile and apparel prototypes to acquire real world results, in conditions that our athletes and our research and design teams truly experience. With this hard-earned and valuable information, we select textile packages with the highest performance possible in terms of durability, breathability and weather protection.

Face fabrics play a key role in the ability of hardshells to retain their waterproof properties over time. We choose only tightly woven, flat surfaced textiles. Tight construction prevents fibre breakage: loose fibres catch snow and break the surface tension of water molecules, causing them to be absorbed into the fabric, restricting breathability. Smooth, flat surfaces resist abrasion and allow the molecules to roll off the outside of your garment, retaining a dry surface for maximum breathability, which maintains personal comfort.

Arc'teryx hardshell fabrics protect you from the worst weather you can expect to encounter. They are exceptionally hard-wearing, yet remarkably lightweight. We work exclusively with GORE-TEX® products because they have proven to be the most durably waterproof.
Waterproof Breathable Materials

Waterproof, Breathable Materials

Our Director of Advanced Research & Development, Tom Fayle, describes why we use GORE-TEX®.

Hardshell Materials

Hardshell Materials

Tom Duguid, Arc'teryx Director of Brand Marketing, explains our testing process for selecting the most durable, waterproof materials.

Hardshell VS Softshell

Hardshell VS Softshell

Arc'teryx ski mountaineering athlete, Greg Hill, explains when to use a soft shell or a hard shell.

Quick Test Of Face Fabric

Quick Test Of Face Fabric

Tom Fayle, Director of Advanced Research & Development, describes a quick performance test we use to quickly gauge the quality of a fabric.

GORE-TEX Wash Tutorial

GORE-TEX® Wash Tutorial

Learn how to care for our GORE-TEX® products and treat them with DWR.