Auce Branch, Miera Street, 3708 Auce, Latvia

Auce Branch, Miera Street, 3708 Auce, Latvia

Spectre is one of our newest partners, producing its first Arc’teryx apparel for the Spring 2020 season.

The company’s owners, Danish brothers Jesper and Jacob Klausen are inventive problem solvers, using lasers and ultrasonic technology to cut and glue at the same time, as well as finding effective ways to glue zippers and other details onto knit fabrics. They have a passion for what they do and put forth serious capital to push technology and sustainability forward.

Jesper and Jacob aim to expand Spectre beyond its European footprint and make high quality products in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. Their goals coincide with Arc’teryx’s priority on sustainability and our determination to manage success without compromising quality or principles.

To ensure they are holding themselves to the highest level of worker welfare and social responsibility, the Klausen brothers have certified both their Latvia and Vietnam facilities to the social-compliance standard SA8000. Additionally, their facilities are certified on environmental management with ISO140001 and the company is a member of the United Nations’ Global Compact, reporting annually on its progress within sustainability.

Spectre offers several training courses for employees, including language and vocational training. The company has established local Company Cooperation Councils to provide their staff with a voice. These councils handle open dialogues between management and employees on various topics related to working conditions. Multiple social events are organized every year at each production site to connect employees and create a company spirit.

Spectre Latvia produces Veilance, our technical urban apparel brand. Jesper and Jacob have been responsive to our different needs for this emerging line, using a smaller, more flexible production model to accommodate the quicker turnover in styles. They have also accommodated intensive skills training of their workforce, as the high degree of functionality underlying Veilance’s refined aesthetic makes it one of our more technically challenging lines to produce.

In Vietnam, Spectre constructs our Trino Jacket which features GORE-TEX INFINIUM™. The Klausen brothers have taken care to make the working conditions at their Vietnam facility equal to those in Latvia.  Spectre continuously invests in making their buildings energy efficient while prioritizing both a good physical and psychological working climate – this includes natural light, air conditioning, modern equipment, sufficient working light and ergonomic workstations.

We look forward to deepening this co-evolution based on shared values and an ethos of innovation.