Calle Tazumal, Edificio 18, Zona Franca, San Bartolo, El Salvador

Calle Tazumal, Edificio 18, Zona Franca, San Bartolo, El Salvador

Knit specialist Pro Dept has been an exemplary partner for Arc’teryx since we signed on with them in 2013. The facility produces technical knit and woven apparel with a high level of finesse.

Owner Mark Gitomer has understood from the beginning that achieving Arc’teryx quality is as much about mindset as the technique. He describes seeking Arc’teryx as a customer in order to enhance his company’s product quality, a strategy that has worked.  He has put together a tight, expert team and invested significant time in guiding his employees to new standards of excellence – diligently checking machine settings, making accurate corners and adhering to our higher stitch count. They produce performance hoodies like the Rho AR to Arc’teryx’s uncompromising quality standards.

Pro Dept has been an incredibly supportive partner, working closely with Arc’teryx on issues of supply chain, resourcing and business needs. When our agreement with a producer of our Law Enforcement and Armed Forces (LEAF) apparel fell through, Mark stepped in and committed to making knit wovens for LEAF.  In turn, we listen to what Pro Dept needs from us for their continued success and find ways to make it happen.

Pro Dept has supported its local community for more than a decade, offering 10 full college scholarships annually to local residents. The facility is also currently undergoing a conversion to renewable energy. When completed, a portion of the facility’s electricity will come from solar panels installed on the roof.

Arc’teryx and Pro Dept are actively looking at ways to grow our relationship, including the possibility of partnering with Central American textile mills to provide new sources of material. Arc’teryx has a vested interest in sourcing materials closer to home, avoiding the carbon emissions that come with shipping long distances. For Pro Dept, this would help expand its business within a geographically challenging area.  This approach to problem-solving continues to make our relationship with Pro Dept a strong and enjoyable one.