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Arc'teryx Within The Community

Within the Community

Within the Community

Arc’teryx values the communities we live, work, and play in, and we seek ways to contribute to each.

We partner with local organizations to help develop shared resources such as conservation areas and recreational trails.

We organize volunteer teams to sew and distribute all-weather clothing for those less fortunate in our local community.

We partner with some great organizations to help achieve positive impacts beyond the reach of our day-to-day operations.

And we collaborate with our outdoor industry peers through a range of industry organization efforts.

Within the Community


The programs we have created to benefit our local community.

The Bird's Nest Project

Our local community is vital. One way we seek to give back to it is by helping offset the unkindness of winter for some of those less fortunate. Started as a grassroots initiative in 2008, The Bird’s Nest Project is the brainchild of several design and production team members who saw a need to repurpose rolls of discontinued fabrics stored at the Design Centre building and the Burnaby factory.

Several options were considered, from creative re-uses at events to donating the fabric to local design schools. What felt truly rewarding to the team however, was to find a way to combine these materials with the knowledge and skills that we have to offer.

The Bird's Nest Project

Vancouver is an affluent and environmentally conscious city. We have a richness of opportunity that is rare and yet there are people who fall between the gaps. Our weather, although mild, is renowned as being wet for months on end and for those without shelter the streets can be especially harsh and miserable.

A useful garment that could serve disadvantaged people in managing their environment struck a chord of purposefulness and sharing amongst the team. After much discussion, the concept of an all weather cape that provided simple, functional protection surfaced as the solution.

The Bird’s Nest Project involves hundreds of volunteered hours of pre-production cutting of materials, workflow organization and full days of sewing at our factory to produce an average of 700 capes per year. Distribution of the capes is then coordinated with local police departments and homeless shelters and distributed to some of those most in need. By using an unused by-product of our design process to outfit members of our community we’re hoping to apply the knowledge and skill.

Outdoor Community

Our efforts to care for some of our favourite local outdoor spaces.

Arc'teryx is based in North Vancouver, BC, a part of Canada that is renowned for having the backcountry as its backyard. One of the most spectacular parts of the world, the outdoors is just outside our backdoor: pristine, intact, populated with wildlife and freely available via public access. Arc’teryx actively contributes to the health of our backyard outdoor playgrounds through a range of voluntary trail building initiatives.

North Shore Trail Builder Academy

Mountain bike culture is huge on the North Shore. The North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) helps to protect and maintain the vast system of trails, with a policy of being a public voice and advocating for responsible stewardship. Many of our staff use these trails regularly, to commute and to ride before and after work. To sustain the system of trails and support the mountain biking community, Arc’teryx has been involved with the NSMBA in several ways.

Dreamweaver Trail

The Trail Adoption Program (TAP) is run by the NSMBA and since its inception in 2011, TAP has logged thousands of hours restoring local trails. Arc’teryx has adopted the Dreamweaver Trail. Many scheduled trail maintenance days take place each year, with staff encouraged to participate during work hours.

Dreamweaver Trail

Trail Builders Academy

Sponsored by Arc’teryx, the Trail Builders Academy is an ongoing educational program that teaches proper trail building techniques through classroom and on site sessions. The theory session teaches modern techniques to assess, build and maintain trails focused on long term sustainability and a positive user experience. Each class is followed with a practical day in the forest for hands on learning. The Trail Builders Academy curriculum utilizes IMBA guidelines, Whistler guidelines, best management practices of the District of North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver guidelines and BC Parks guidelines.

Maplewood Flats Clean Up

Near the Arc’teryx head office is the Maplewood Flats Bird Sanctuary. Frequently used by employees for walking and jogging during lunch breaks and after work, it is a valued refuge for many. As a way to give back to the sanctuary and to the community, we volunteer annually to help clean up the grounds and the adjacent shoreline.


Collaborative projects with industry peers and organizations.

Arc’teryx is an active member and enthusiastic supporter of several outdoor industry initiatives. We contribute to several work streams of the Sustainability Working Group from the Outdoor Industry Association. The first of these is the Chemicals Management Working Group, which seeks to build tools and approaches to address systemic challenges in the safety and sustainability of the materials used to make outdoor apparel. The Materials Traceability Working Group addresses questions surrounding assurances of ethical sourcing of products such as down and leather.


Arc’teryx is a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). The EOCA is an initiative of the European outdoor industry with an objective of protecting the wild areas it cares so passionately about. Designed to harness the incredible power of the outdoor industry and raise money for grassroots conservation groups, 100% of membership fees go to support projects.

Conservation Alliance

The Conservation Alliance’s mission is to engage businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values. The annual membership costs of $15,000 goes entirely to fund projects voted for by members. The clean- up of Greenwood Park nearby our North Vancouver head office was initiated by the Conservation Alliance in partnership with Canadian Parks & Wilderness and the City of North Vancouver, and Arc’teryx staff volunteered to help.