Will Stanhope


Current Residence: Yosemite, CA

“If it was easy, it wouldn't be that hard then- would it?" - Leo Houlding

Will started climbing at the Edge Climbing Centre as a kid in the mid nineties. When he was a teenager he started begging older climbers for rides up the Sea To Sky highway often with best buddies Dave Nykyforuk and Jason Kruk.

After completing high school he left on a "one year" road trip with Kruk in a Navy Blue 1987 Chevy cargo van armed with a fake ID that looked nothing like him. They arrived in Yosemite awestruck and intimidated, but what they lacked in big wall experience they made up for in gung-ho enthusiasm.

Teaming up with Jeremy Blumel and Craig McGee they made a "one-day" ascent of the Nose of El Capitan in 27 hours. Later in the trip they climbed Half Dome and topped out in a brewing storm.

Hooked on big walls, he has yet to return to post secondary education, to the disappointment of his parents.

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