Will Gadd


Current Residence: Canmore, AB

"Nobody ever died wishing they had spent more days at their desk."

Mountains are my life.

I climbed my first big peak with my dad at age 8, and guided the same peak more than 40 years later. I climb ice, rock, plastic, bridges, anything that looks good. I've also set two world records for paragliding, and flown my glider over some of the coolest mountain ranges in the world.

As a kid I did a lot of caving, and am using that experience to help research the caves under glaciers today. I've kayaked from Iceland to South America, and am always stoked to run a new river. I write about mountain sports, speak about risk and reward, guide, and am always dreaming of the coolest new mountain adventures I can conceive. Sometimes that's climbing a huge new route, other times it's a ride with my two kids.

I don't think it matters what sports we do, but that we do something physical and fun every single day. Life's better when you move.

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