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I’ve been rock, ice and alpine climbing for some twenty years. Below are some of my more memorable adventures. When not climbing, I’m married with cats and a physics professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

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  • First ascent of K6 West (7040 m) via the northwest face (M6+ WI4+), Charkusa Glacier, Karakoram, Pakistan, with Ian Welsted.
  • First ascents of many mixed routes in the Canadian Rockies: The God Delusion (175 m, M8+ WI5+), Nachtmahr (85 m, M9 WI5), etc.


  • Fourth redpoint of Yamabushi (8 pitches, 12d), Yamnuska, Canadian Rockies.
  • Third redpoint of Wolverine (WI11), Helmcken Falls, BC.


  • Single-push ascents of Common Knowledge (WI6+) and Cassin Ridge, Denali, Alaska, with Joshua Lavigne. The round trips from the 14k camp were accomplished in around 24 hours.
  • First ascent of Tsunami (300 m, M5 WI5+), Mt. Patterson, Canadian Rockies, with Joshua Lavigne.
  • First ascent of The Peach (110 m, WI5 M8), Storm Creek, Canadian Rockies, with Grant Meekins. No bolts were used on the climb.


  • First ascents of Boobquake (10 pitches, WI4+ M5, with Eamonn Walsh) and Can’t Touch This (10 pitches, WI5+ M6, with Simon Parsons and Eamonn Walsh), Tangle Ridge, Canadian Rockies.


  • First ascent of Khani Basa Sar (6440 m, with Ian Welsted) via the southwest rib (AI4+) and attempt on the south face of the unclimbed Pumari Chhish East (ca. 6900 m, with Eamonn Walsh and Ian Welsted), Jutmaru Glacier, Karakoram, Pakistan.
  • First ascent of the Direct Start to The Wild Thing (VI M7 WI5), Mt. Chephren, Canadian Rockies, with Dana Ruddy and Eamonn Walsh. This was also the first single-push ascent of a Canadian Rockies grade VI in winter.


  • First ascent of Dirty Love (12 pitches, M7), Mt. Wilson, Canadian Rockies, with Jon Walsh.
  • First ascent of the Dogleg Couloir (VI M7 A1), Mt. Chephren, Canadian Rockies, with Pierre Darbellay.


  • First ascent of the West Face (V 5.10+), Mt. Alberta, Canadian Rockies, with Eamonn Walsh.


  • First ascent of “Ali Chhish” (6164 m, with Eamonn Walsh) and attempt on the southwest face of the then-unclimbed Kunyang Chhish East (ca. 7400 m, with Ben Firth, Eamonn Walsh and Ian Welsted), Hispar glacier, Karakoram, Pakistan.
  • First ascent of DTCB (V M7), Mt. Andromeda, Canadian Rockies, with Scott Semple.


  • Repeats of alpine rock routes and attempts on the then-unclimbed Hassin and Ferole Far East peaks (both ca. 6300 m) via mixed routes, Charkusa glacier, Karakoram, Pakistan, with Steve Swenson.
  • First ascent of Infinity Direct, Denali, Alaska (M4/5), Denali, Alaska, with Valery Babanov.
  • First winter ascent of Mt. Alberta, Canadian Rockies, via the Japanese Route, with Scott Semple and Eamonn Walsh.


  • First ascent of Aurora (600 m, WI6), Mt. Amery, Canadian Rockies, with Valery Babanov.
  • First winter ascents of the Sphinx Face (V M6, with Valery Babanov) and Greenwood-Locke route (V M6, with Ben Firth), Mt. Temple, Canadian Rockies.


  • Third redpoint (and first flash) of Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show (M11+) and fourth redpoint of Musashi (M12), Cineplex Cave, Canadian Rockies.
  • First place, Ouray Ice Craft Invitational Competition.


  • First ascent of La Bastille (500 m, 5.11-), Canadian Rockies, with Eric Dumerac.
  • First place, Ouray Ice Craft Invitational Competition.


  • Third ascent of the Lowe-Hannibal route (VI 5.10+ 2xA0), Mt. Geikie, Canadian Rockies, with Eric Dumerac and Jeff Nazarchuk.


  • First Ascent of Animal Farm Direct (M11-), Gulag Cave, Canadian Rockies.
  • First places, Ouray Ice Craft Invitational Competition and Festiglace du Quebec.


  • First ascent of Rocketman (350 m, M7 WI5), Mt. Patterson, Canadian Rockies.
  • Second place, ESPN Winter X Games, Ice Climbing Difficulty.


  • On-sight first free ascent of The Day After Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (270 m, M7 WI6), Stanley Headwall, Canadian Rockies, with Matt Collins.

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