Patrick Vuagnat


Current Residence: Thonon les Bains, France

“Smile and the world will smile back at you."

Patrick was born and raised in the French Alps, very close to Portes du Soleil area. From an early age he had no choice but becoming an outdoor enthusiast, with the guidance of his parents. Soon enough, skiing became a big passion that he fully embraced after achieving a school degree in sales/marketing.

By moving away from home, he got educated by fellow elders, on bigger mountain terrain. He then started to travel abroad to discover new grounds and chase snow all year around. Great times dedicated to a ski-bum living made him steadily climbed up the pro rank ladder.

For him freeskiing is not a competition but a set of mind and a way of life. A way of expression and creativity while being surrounded by some of the rawest nature, sometimes in the least expected places/countries.

Known for his writing skills and eagerness to always go in search of new spots, Pat keeps his focus on working with photographers or film makers, to further share his passion, through videos or photo reports, making appearances worldwide.

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