Paolo Marazzi


Current Residence: Rovellasca, Italy

Paolo was born in 1989 and he is from lake Como, in the north of Italy, but also from other places in the Alps and in the world. He spends a lot of days in his van to go climbing or skiing when he's not somewhere else in the world.

He started to climb and ski when he was really young since everyone in his family was a skier and his brother is a climber too.

He spent a lot of years mostly on his telemark skis but now he loves to climb more that ever. He loves to search and explore new lines and places. He visited Norway, Iceland, Greendland, Patagonia, China, Mexico and some other places that he doesn't remember now. He tries to ski new lines or climb new routes everywhere he goes.

However he also loves to stay in the Alps and near his hometown; for example, every year he spends some weeks in Sardinia where it is full of virgin rock.

He's almost finished the alpine guide course, with only one exam left before the end of the course. After the alpine guide licence he wants to split extra-europe travel and work like a guide, but of course travelling will always come before working.

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