Michael Hoffman


Bio Michael Hoffmann

Born in 1955 in Anachronist. (He still climbs really well for his age)

Michael started climbing and mountaineering in 1972, originally as an act of self-searching and emancipation. However, the profound passion lasted and should later become his "way of life" – a path, a rope – to guide his small ship of physical and spiritual being through the rough ocean of the so-called reality.

Certified as a UIAA Mountain Guide in 1982 and a University Master of Geology in 1985. Michael climbed most of the classical alpine stuff in the Alps, and joined expeditions to Nanga Parbat in 1980 and 1982. He placed around 1000 bolts in his multi-pitch first ascents (but that doesn't mean that those routes are bolt-ladders!). These routes, mainly located in Wilder Kaiser and Wetterstein, offer difficulties up to 8a, and they get more and more attracive for strong young climbers.

His first contact with teaching people reaches back to the seventies, when Michael worked as ski instructor. In 1986 he founded his climbing school "Red Point School" ( The school has always been focused on sport-climbing, running courses and organizing trips to Italy, France, USA and Thailand.

Realizing a visionary concept in 2010, the school has now changed to become a pool of excellent climbing trainers. These trainers offer services of individual coaching. In 1986, Michael was appointed to the team that instructs the German Alpine Guides and also to the team that trains the differnt types of "Fachübungsleiter" of the German Alpine Club.

From 1995 until now, Michael has been involved in the coordination of the "Bundeslehrteam Sportkletttern", the german-wide team responsable for developing standards for climbing-trainers and the relevant training courses. He has publised numerous articles in climbing magazins and is the author of the following books: Sportklettern – Technik, Taktik, Sicherung (Panico), Sicher Sichern (Panico), Lawinengefahr, Lehrplan 2b Klettern – Technik, Taktik, Psyche (BLV). He is also the co-author of Lehrplan 6 Wetter und Orientierung (BLV).

As a late family-founder and husband to Karin Port, and father of Sebastian (born 1994), Alexander (2003) and Antonia (2005), Michael is trying to be a "good" father – whatever that may means? Michael is also trying to manage his professional obligations, and last but not least, trying to figure out, how to achieve being old and wise in a distant future – one where one can still climb "auf hohem Niveau" ("to higher levels") which is the slogan of Rotpunktschule.