Jon Walsh


Current Residence: Calgary, AB


"Go light but always bring a good camera."

Jon’s obsession for the mountains began in 1992 when he moved to Whistler B.C., and took up the dirtbag lifestyle that revolved around climbing and skiing. He developed a passion for ski mountaineering that brought him to Chamonix for two consecutive winter seasons in the late 90’s.

The time in Cham inspired a move in 1999 to Golden B.C., a small town nestled between the Rockies, Purcells, and Selkirk Mountains, where it made sense to pursue alpinism in Canada. There Jon honed his skills on the alpine granite of the Bugaboos, the steep powder of Rogers Pass, and the limestone big walls, and waterfall ice of the Canadian Rockies. Although there was and endless supply of classics to do in his “backyard’ mountains, doing first ascents / descents became part of regular sessioning, and essential components to scratching the itch for adventure. As a result dozens of “firsts’ in all of his disciplines were realized, in both local terrain, as well as abroad.

Jon has travelled to five continents and over twenty countries in pursuit of big-wall or alpine climbing adventures, and his favourite places outside his home ranges would be Patagonia for its dramatic mountainscape and vast amount of options, Baffin Island for pure wilderness and phenomenal rock, and Scotland for the strict-ethic trad-mixed climbing.

In his home ranges, some of his proudest achievements include multiple new routes on the East face of Snowpatch Spire which have contributed into making it a world class free-climbing destination; first ascents on the North Faces of Alberta and Mt. Robson - both done free and on-sight, and in a day; and the second ascent of the North Pillar of the North Twin - perhaps the most demanding route he has ever been on.

Soon after becoming a father, he moved to Calgary in 2011, where he works as a cabinet maker, and regularly commutes to session in the nearby Rocky Mountains.

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