Jacob Slot


Current Residence: St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria

"Take a step, then another one, then one more ..."

Jacob's telemarking exploits have taken him to some of the most remote spots on the planet, from 8000 meter peaks in Tibet, to the Wakon region in Afghanistan. He has skied major mountains in Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Greenland, Spitzbergen, Japan and has numerous first descents throughout the Alps. He aims to keep pushing the boundaries of ski-mountaineering and continue exploring the world's most isolated mountain regions.

Using the Austrian ski resort St.Anton am Arlberg as his base, Jacob continues to spend as much time as possible in Patagonia. His extensive knowledge of these areas is nearly unsurpassed. Each year finds him searching out new areas in Patagonia and testing new lines in the Arlberg area. An award winning film maker, photographer and story teller. Jacob has shared his adventures with through internationally shown films, published articles and photos.

Learn more about Jacob's travels in Patagonia at his La Campaña Patagonica project.

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