Izzy Lynch


I grew up in the city, but the mountains are most certainly what raised me. Driving to and fro between the concrete jungle of Calgary, AB to the frosty peaks, icy rivers and wildflower filled meadows of the Canadian Rockies weekend after weekend as a child ingrained a deep appreciation for all the freedom and comforts that the wilderness provides.

I was first introduced to skiing by my parents at the age of two, and spent most of my younger years lapping the backside chair at Fortress Mountain in the Canadian Rockies with my three younger siblings in tow. I traveled the world as an alpine ski racer for ten years, but my most memorable ski days were spent touring in the backcountry at our cabin on family vacations. My parents were avid powder hunters, a passion they inevitably passed on and before long I retired from bashing gates and found myself seeking adventures in the backcountry whenever I could.

My life as a professional skier has evolved organically through years of coaching, competing on the Freeride World Tour, following snow to far off locations around the world, filming with various production companies, writing stories and exploring around my home of Revelstoke, BC.

Skiing and the alchemy of fresh snow, mountain air and adventure is an endless source of inspiration in my life- and happiness, perspective, freedom and friendship seem to always find me in the outdoors. One of my greatest joys is sharing this love for the mountains with others.

I am honored to be a member of the Arcteryx team and feel fortunate to have the support I need to pursue my goals and dreams through a life in the mountains.

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How long have you been a skier/snowboarder in life and for Arc’teryx?

  • I have skied for 26 years and am fresh on the Arc’teryx team as of Feb 2014!

What motivates you to keep getting out and after it everyday?

  • The freedom, adventure, challenge, opportunity, sense of perspective and friendship that always seem to find me with skis on my feet.

Do you have a place you have never been that weighs on your mind- somewhere you haven’t been but vow to get there?

  • The French Alps are an iconic ski zone and a must ski in my mind. I love travel and experiencing diverse mountain cultures around the world and I would love to visit India and Nepal as well.

Who is your role model or the person you wanted to be when you were growing up? Was it a skier or snowboarder or was it someone not even related to your sport?

  • My parents. They have always been fiercely dedicated ski bums, even with four young kids they managed to live the dream.

What are the top 3 things you do to stay in top form in the off-season?

  • Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Climbing.

Where do you keep your phone when you are out shredding? In your pocket for easy Selfie access or in your pack turned off to save battery life?

  • Easy access so I can get good shots of my ski buddies!

What is your most used/fave piece of Arc’teryx gear?

  • The Sentinel Bib Pants are amazing! Also love the Vertices hoodie for keeping warm in super cold weather.