Conny Zamernik


Current Residence: St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria

"All for my soul."

Telemark, alpine skiing and ski alpinism has been Conny's primary focus for almost 15 years. Her extensive skiing related trips to the worlds most remote areas and many classic steep skiing descents throughout the alps, has turned what started as a hobby, into a way of life. Her true passion belongs to the winter days in her home village of St.Anton am Arlberg, where almost every day she can be found in the mountains.

Conny is famous for her smooth soulful skiing style (alpine equal telemark) and her ability to haul packs and pulks more than twice her size during the various expeditions she has experienced. With focus on real big mountain skiing she did visit Peru, Columbia, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Tibet, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Greenland, Spitzbergen, Japan and almost every european country. Most of her climbing projects are influenced by her skills as an extreme skier and alpinist always looking for new terrain.

Learn more about Conny's travels in Patagonia at her La Campaña Patagonica project.

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