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Arc'teryx Birds Nest Project 2012

We are pleased to announce that we will be teaming up with the Vancouver Police Department this winter to distribute hundreds of waterproof capes to the downtown's homeless population. These capes are designed and built from highly technical waterproof and insulated fabrics to help protect some of our community's most vulnerable citizens.

Known for our high performance outdoor equipment, we are in the unique position of owning and operating our own manufacturing facility in Burnaby, British Columbia for the production of in line garments as well as for samples that can be used for research and field testing. As in any commercial manufacturing endeavor, there is an accumulation of excess or discontinued raw materials. Currently in its fourth year, the Birds Nest Project is a grassroots initiative that takes these materials and puts them into the hands of volunteer company employees who all donate their time to turn the fabric into capes.

The Arc'teryx Birds Nest Project has been in existence for the last four years via shelters like the Harvest Project and Harbour Light. This year, we are hoping to widen our distribution by teaming up with the VPD's Homeless Outreach Program, enabling the capes to be distributed into the heart of the community that is most in need.

"Anything that makes use of raw materials we can no longer use for commercial production is a valid and worthy project; this is just one example of how we are trying to keep waste out of the landfill." Joanne Mayzes, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Arc'teryx. "The project was originally inspired by a few members of the company's research and design team and we're excited to see it grow this year and to have the opportunity to work with the Vancouver Police Department to get the capes out to those who need them most."

Providing the capes to police officers to distribute directly is a unique opportunity and one we knew we wanted to take advantage of when we heard about the VPD's Outreach Program and Constable Jodyne Keller's work from colleagues in our office.

"The VPD connects with many men and women who unfortunately find themselves sleeping on Vancouver's streets. Our goal is to offer our support to connect the homeless with the necessary resources to stay safe, healthy, and then ultimately, to find housing. To place these capes directly into the hands of those who need them most is significant. To receive a cape at their 'home' is exactly where it is needed the most." Constable Jodyne Keller, VPD Homeless Outreach and SRO Coordinator.

As with any collective effort, the true benefit of the Birds Nest Project comes from the time volunteers share together and the gift of giving. This year, we hope to see over 700 windproof, waterproof capes distributed via local shelters and the Vancouver Police Department. We encourage other local companies to create and promote their own unique social responsibility initiatives.

Arc'teryx Birds Nest 2012