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Typically, FL climbing routes are done in a day, during a weather window or any given set of time-limited circumstances. For this reason, fast and light climbers seek a balance between lightweight and durability that allows them to move quickly and without hesitation.

Constant motion requires equipment that can manage moisture, conserve energy and be able to withstand the wear and tear of long, fast-paced days. FL climbers prefer a clothing system that is highly breathable to match their aerobic output, and versatile enough to reduce the amount of layer adjustments to a bare minimum. They are also concerned with efficiency, conserving energy in their total weight carried but not so light that they are forced to be careful in their movements.

The Alpha FL Jacket takes advantage of the most breathable GORE-TEX® Pro fabric technology and combines it with a lightweight, highly durable and breathable face fabric and trim e3D fit to optimize breathable performance. When used with appropriate layers, this creates a jacket that does not need the ventilation provided by pit zippers. It is comfortable and reliable enough to be worn all day. With this piece, the FL climber has no worries.

When time is important, safety and comfort must be guaranteed. FL designs are purposely designed for fast alpine adventures.



Super Light describes an approach to climbing that focuses on minimal expenditure, maximum efficiency.

Typically, these climbers seek gear that is compact, compressible, stripped of any unnecessary pockets, buckles or storage options. On long approaches and in general, the Super Light climber is concerned with being streamlined and moves carefully rather than rapidly to conserve energy.

During multi-day trips, SL climbers balance comfort with weight. Since they are less concerned with time, they will wait for perfect conditions and carry weather protection that is appropriate for the environment but nothing more. Comfort comes from refined layering systems and getting by with the least number of items possible.

For example, the Alpha SL Jacket makes use of the most compressible waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX® fabric with Paclite® technology in a pared down design. Using a trim fit eliminates excess volume, makes it easier to compress to pack and takes up less room in a pack. Our e3D patterning allows room enough for layers to move freely over each other.

This is just one instance of how ASCENT SL designs achieve maximum efficiency with the least possible weight.

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