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The Arc'teryx Story

Our Story

Pursue Perfection

Located in the Canadian Coast mountain wilderness, Arc’teryx is a technical high-performance outerwear and equipment company with a relentless commitment to design, craftsmanship and performance.

Our driving purpose is to create apparel and gear that gives users the confidence to perform at the point of extreme need. Named for ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to take a bold evolutionary leap by developing feathers for flight. Arc’teryx is evolution in action.

Evolution in Action

A History
of Innovation


"Rock Solid"

Born at the foot of the rugged Coast Mountains outside of Vancouver, BC, the company started as a manufacturer of premium quality climbing gear and was first named Rock Solid Manufacturing.


Arc'teryx Is Born

Named for ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to take a bold evolutionary leap by developing feathers for flight.


Vapor Harness

Arc'teryx developed the world's first sculpted, 360° thermomolded climbing harness, the Vapor, elevating the standard for comfort, mobility and performance.


Bora Series Backpack

Vapor thermomolding proved to be exceptional for creating anatomically shaped hip belts and back panels for the award winning Bora series of backpacks.

1995 - 1998

Arc'teryx Launches Apparel Program

A 6-month development stretched to almost 4 years, the unveiling of Arc'teryx outerwear shocked the outdoor industry and set new standards of design and construction.


WaterTight™ Zippers

Invented by Arc'teryx, the WaterTight™ zipper took years to perfect. Eliminating the need for bulky flaps, these zippers reduce weight, and are now used by almost every outerwear manufacturer in the world.



Instead of the usual 8 stitches per inch, microseams have 16 stitches per inch, reducing bulky overlap and increasing stitch strength.



Thermolaminated features like pockets, cuff tabs and drawcord tunnels saves weight by reducing the need for extra waterproof taping and creates edges less prone to snagging and tearing.



Arc'teryx worked closely with Polartec® to develop Power Shield™, resulting in a new apparel category: the softshell.


Ski & Snowboard

Arc'teryx entered the ski & snowboard market with the iconic and innovative Sidewinder Jacket, with the world's first molded 3-dimensional curved zipper.



Development of the ILBE pack for the US Marines leads to the formation of the Law Enforcement & Armed Forces (LEAF) division.


Advanced Composite Construction

The launch of AC2 allowed Arc'teryx to reduce the number of seams resulting in weatherproof packs that are both lighter and more durable.



Since the launch of Arc'teryx outerwear, our R&D team has worked closely with W.L. Gore, field testing new high performance textile products like GORE-TEX® Pro®.


Warp Strength Technology

Arc'teryx harnesses have less bulk, less weight and are more comfortable. Our award winning Warp Strength Technology equally distributes pressure from edge to edge.


Arc'teryx Veilance

By bringing the technical performance and comfort available in our outdoor apparel to the urban arena, Arc'teryx introduced Veilance: the world's most technical menswear.


Phasic® Base Layer

Another textile development partnership was formed and with it the creation of Phasic™ base layer. Designed for stop-and-go interval activities to enhance personal comfort and athletic performance.


Tri-Dex™ Technology

With a layering system design and trilobial finger structure, the award winning Tri-Dex™ technology gloves bring full dexterity to waterproof gloves.


Down Composite Mapping

With Down Composite Mapping synthetic insulation is mapped to areas prone to moisture while the core of the body is warmed by 100% down.



Introducing a new era in technologically advanced mountain footwear - built the Arc'teryx way utilizing seamless laminated uppers, adaptive fit and GORE-TEX® climate control.