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Will Stanhope


I’ve been climbing for most of my life. It has given me some of the best things a guy could ask for: great friends, mind-blowing experiences and a chance to push myself to see how far I can go.

My first big forays to Squamish were with my friends Jason Kruk and David Nykyforuk as teenagers. We would often borrow our parent’s cars or hitch up the Sea to Sky Highway, wander the woods under the Chief, mangle our hands on the granite, and generally climb until dark. Those early formative years were hugely influential for me. Climbing is still about trying hard with good friends.

or the last few years my main focus has been free climbing big walls. Trying your absolute best, thousands of feet off the ground, surrounded by beauty, is as good as it gets.

Mostly though, the big “ticks” have been at the periphery of it all. Climbing hard routes is just a small part of the picture. I love climbing for the whole experience: early frosty morning starts, the feel of rough granite, the sunsets and sunrises. It’s such a precious gift that we have the opportunity to go do these things.

Some memorable climbs include:

  • The Prophet, 5.13d R, VI, El Capitan
  • The Cobra Crack, 5.14-, Squamish BC
  • First ascent La Vuelta de Los Condores, Cerro Mariposa, Rio Turbio Argerntina
  • Free solos up to 5.12d including the first solos of Zombie Roof and Zap Crack, Squamish BC.

Homepage: www.willstanhope.com

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