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Silvia Moser


A bond with the mountain, that sort of magnetism that makes you love an environment, it’s something I have always felt. I was born in Cortina d’Ampezzo in the beautiful Dolomites. The mountains of this valley became my second cradle, walking around with my mom and dad.

My love for skiing started when I was two years old. With an old pair of plastic skis I started gliding in my backyard, just to move over the snow. My older brother was going to the resort and it was unbearable for me to be too small and have to stay at home.Alpine racing is how my career developed. Crashing the gates, competing against time, my passion for skiing kept growing. Although it was fun sharing moments with teammates and coaches, something different than that took root – my desire for knowledge and exploration of the mountains. Looking at big lines, I could imagine ripping down between rocks, catching air and flying past trees....those kind of tracks are breathtaking.

Even if my biggest passion is skiing, I also love telemarking, highlining and climbing. The joy of being in the mountains brings me so many different emotions and experiences, depending on what I am doing,

Being an athlete at Arc’teryx makes me proud and honored. Having the best quality out there to keep me warm and comfortable in everything I love to do, helps me achieve my goals. I love the spirit of the brand, it’s like being part of a big family.