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Leslie Timms



For as long as I can remember, I've craved wild adventures in nature. My first passion was canoe tripping; I loved getting lost in the wilderness for weeks, paddling white water rivers in a tippy canoe, the serene landscapes and epic adventures with good people. I took several cooperative outdoor adventure programs throughout high school and fell in love with the idea of guiding canoe expeditions for a living. I was accepted into the Outdoor Adventure Program at Algonquin College, and it was in this program that I discovered rock climbing. When I stood on top of that first boulder problem, I knew that it was my calling in life. After graduating college, my college sweetheart and I packed up our lives into a Subaru Outback and hit the open road, set to discover all of the amazing climbing destinations that we read about in the magazines. This road trip planted a seed and I knew that I had to figure out a way to road trip during the harsh Canadian winters, for the rest of my life.

I grew up on the great lakes in Ontario and have always had a strong bond with big open water and the Niagara Escarpment. My husband and I fell in love with the town of Thornbury on a short climbing trip, situated on the beautiful Georgian Bay and close to several great limestone crags. We moved there on a whim, not having jobs or knowing anyone in the area. Life's pieces fell into place and the community welcomed us with open arms. I rekindled my love of guiding, climbing this time, and worked for a local tour company. Eventually I went on to become a certified guide and later started up a guiding company called "On the Rocks Climbing Guides". It has since become a huge success and I now work as a full time climbing guide from May-Oct, teaching a variety of rock climbing courses and adventures at the beautiful crags close to home. It's a dream job!

When I'm not guiding, I strive to become a well rounded climber and push myself in all disciplines of the sport. The climbs that are most memorable for me are usually a similar style of "sport climbing above gear", steep, technical and bold traditional routes like Sacred Geometry 5.13b/c in the Red River Gorge and Malice 5.12d+ in the Grampians. But what really takes the cake is developing new routes, especially ones as epic as 'Above the Clouds' a 5.13 trad/mixed at Lion's Head, Ontario. This was a longstanding 40m aid line that proudly summits the area's famous lookout. Getting the first ascent of this dauntingly steep crack was and may always be the most memorable climb of my life, for its incredible position, perfect movement, and the fact that I got to develop it with one of my best friends at my home crag. It's these memorable battles and inspiring lines that keep me coming back for more, year after year. Never have I felt more connected with myself and nature than when I climb. Rocks teach me the most valuable life lessons, they show me the most stunning views and lead me to incredible friendships and adventures. I am so grateful to of found my true passion in this life and that I get to share it with others every day at "work".