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Jon Walsh


Jon has been putting up new climbs in Canada and abroad, for the better part of the last decade.  An insatiable appetite for exploring steep mountains, with either skis, rock shoes or crampons on, has helped him accumulate dozens of first ascents and wild adventures in many corners of the globe.  He always pursues alpine style, light and fast free climbing, the steeper and more technical the better.  Besides "big game" hunting in hills, he enjoys margaritas, fine scotch, living in the moment, living close to the edge, and laughing with his friends who know him as Jonny Red - often abbreviated to JR.  When not in the alpine, Jon finds that training outdoors on skis, mountain-bikes, rock climbs, frozen waterfalls or anything fun is obligatory, as many days a week as possible, and even bad conditions can be surprisingly enjoyable, i.e. "It doesn't have to be fun to be fun."  Attitude is everything.

Jon has lived in several B.C. mountains towns since 1992, but has called Golden home since 1999.  His three favorite ranges are at his doorstep: the Rockies, the Purcells, and the Selkirks, and he makes a living mainly as a finish carpenter and part time photographer.  "There's so much to do here locally in the mountains, that there's really no need to get on airplane.  However, foreign travel has taught me so much about the potential that exists in my "backyard", and enabled me to see lines and conceive ideas that might have otherwise been missed."

In the past twelve years, Jon has travelled extensively in pursuit of alpinism including five trips to Chamonix, three to Alaska, three to Patagonia, two to the Himalayas, and one to Baffin Island.  Some of his most memorable and highly recommended alpine climbs include: The north face of Mt. Alberta (Rockies); Dirty Love on Mt. Wilson (Rockies); The Wild Thing on Mt. Chephren (Rockies) The East Face of Mt. Asgard (Baffin Island); Sendero Norte (Bugaboos); and Cerro Fitz Roy by either the Cassarotto Pillar or the Canadian Route (Patagonia).  Favorite rock climbing ares include: Ceuse, France; Rodellar, Spain; Taghia Gorge, Morocco; Yosemite Valley, California; and The Bugaboos which remain the favorite "backyard" zone to session in. He looks forward to many more trips and expeditions in the near future.

Check out Jon's blog at www.alpinestyle.ca.