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Arc'teryx - MEC Trail Building Competition

We are very proud of our involvement with the North Shore Mountain Bike Association, including the Trail Adoption Plan, and this week, we'll be adding a little competition to the mix. We're facing off against our hometown friends at MEC in a battle to build the most trail on the North Shore.

"This competition is really a win/win scenario for the North Shore Trail system," said Mark Wood, NSMBA Program Manager. "Having two powerhouse teams like Arc'teryx and MEC putting so much hard work into trail improvements will have huge benefits for the community and we're excited to be working with both companies. It's going to be a lot of fun."

While this is a friendly rivalry between the two companies, the stakes are also high for the presidents of each business. The defeated company's president will be required to work in the winning company's store for a couple of hours wearing a shirt that states "I lost to …" The competition will be closely observed under the watchful eye of an impartial adjudicator from the NSMBA.

"The idea behind the challenge was to create a way to give back to our community," said Carl Moriarty, Arc'teryx Design Manager, Apparel. By creating some healthy competition between rivals (in the outdoor industry) while at the same time, remediating the trail network through sustainable solutions."

"MEC has supported the NSMBA since 1999 through our granting program. In recent years, we have deepened our involvement with them through regular trail building days and have always been proud of our work," said Stephanie Rauer - Regional Community Administrator of MEC. "The challenge is both interesting and important as it allows us to broaden our community work and have a friendly competition at the same time."