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Arc’teryx supports Nepalese Earthquake Relief

We are very saddened by the recent earthquake in Nepal and the subsequent devastation to the people and region. Our deepest sympathies go out to all the communities affected.

The Canadian Government announced it will match personal charity donations to the Red Cross and therefore Arc’teryx is encouraging all its employees to donate this way. The company will subsequently match employee donations as well.


In addition, Arc’teryx will make a separate donation to Global Giving to support their relief efforts on the ground within the Nepalese communities worst hit.


Our athlete, Raphael Slawinski had been on a self-propelled trip to the North Side of Everest when the earthquake hit. He and two other team members had hoped to be able to set a first route in pure alpine style on the Mountain, but in light of the recent events, Raphael and his team are currently hiking off the mountain.

“Compared to human tragedy on the scale emerging from Kathmandu, climbing ambitions and concerns are awfully frivolous. A lot of people weren’t as lucky as us”. - Raphael Slawinski