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A Visit to the Home of Arc'teryx

Every now and then we like to invite some of our partners and retailers to Vancouver so that they can see where we do all of our research, design, testing, and quite a lot of our manufacturing. This past Spring, one of these trips included some folks from George Fisher, a UK-based outfitter that's been selling great gear for over twenty years. They publish an online magazine, called "The Update", and in a recent issue, they recapped their visit, which included:

  • - a tour of our Vancouver factory ("When you look closer you can see that you're in a very special place indeed – as you walk around, the impression you get is one of craft, not of large industrial methods. It's more like seeing skilled artisans at work.")
  • - our head office, where we do all of our own design ("I was astonished to see the size of their design department; the sheer number of people involved in creating their products spoke volumes.")
  • - and a two-day excursion to a mountain lodge to give everyone a chance to test our latest gear in its proper element ("Needless to say we had two wonderful days in perfect winter conditions and the Arc'teryx gear performed as you'd expect!")

Thank you gentlemen for making the visit and for all your kind words!

You can check out the entire issue of "The Update" here (PDF link).