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B·360a Harness


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B·360a Harness Men's Comfortable, big wall climbing harness constructed using Warp Strength Technology™ in the extra wide swami and leg loops for all-day comfort during big wall climbing epics.

Comfortable, big wall climbing harness constructed using Warp Strength Technology™ in the extra wide swami and leg loops for all-day comfort during big wall climbing epics.

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360 g / 12.7 oz
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Customer Service Tips

Confused about sizing? Your waist circumference is the essential measurement needed to properly size a sit harness. Slightly tight or loose leg loops will not affect or reduce the safety of the harness.


This harness brings Arc'teryx lightweight Warp Strength Technology™ to big wall. The most comfortable, fully adjustable climbing harness in our line, the B360a features a supple, super-wide swami belt and adjustable leg loops for all-day comfort on the wall. Warp Strength™ materials are durable, breathable, and are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Full Feature List

Harness Features
  • Non-structural haul loop
  • WST™ load is evenly supported across entire harness structure
  • Self locking buckles
  • Wear safety markers on belay loop and tie-in points
  • Two drop seat buckles
  • Stretchy mesh storage bag
  • Extra Large width WST™ (Warp Strength Technology™) swami belt
  • Six gear loops
  • Adjustable leg loops
  • WST™ (Warp Strength Technology™) leg loops
  • Ten ice clipper slots


  • Burly™ Double Weave four-way stretch fabric
  • 7075 T6 aluminum anodized buckle
  • Type 66 nylon webbing
  • Polyurethane gear loops
  • Spacermesh™


Keep harness away from sharp objects, ice screws, crampons, etc.
  • Keep away from corrosive substances (battery acids, gasoline, automobile motor fluids, solvents, bleach, etc.).
  • Store the harness in a dry, dark place.
  • If the harness becomes wet, air dry it before storing.
  • Hand wash in warm water with a mild soap (never use bleach), and air dry away from direct sunlight.
  • Never make any modification to the harness.
Click Here to view Harness Instruction Book PDF - 1.45 Mb
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