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Matthias Scherer


Born in Frankfurt germany, it was not exactly the place to become a professional iceclimber or alpinist. But it was in the tender age of three years, that he saw Mont Blanc for the first time and since then the mountains never left his thoughts. In 1993 he decided to move to the alps. It was also in that year, he started ice climbing.

Since that time he has climbed more than 500 icefalls (most extreme lines of Chamonix, Cogne, Freissinier) and enjoyed the beauty of many faces, ridges and pillars arround and in the mountains of the Mont Blanc range. To fullfill bigger dreams in the mountains and on ice, he increased his skill level in sport climbing up to 7c and sport mixed up to M9, while ski touring and trailrunning in the summer, for his basic aerobic workout.

For the last five years he has been a resident in Cogne on the italian side of the Mont Blanc. From Congne there are so many projects to within a 4 hour drive that he would need more than one life to accomplish them all.

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